20, 40, 60 – How Many Lessons To Master The Piano

20, 40, 60 – How Many Lessons To Master The Piano

Taking up a new hobby isn’t an easy task. We have a desire to start something new. We watch the greats of the world make it look easy. We have goals – we want to feel a sense of accomplishment. But is it doable? 

The shortest way to success is to follow in the footsteps of others. Teachers can cut the learning curve, but what are your expectations?

A common question people have about mastering the piano is: How long until I can play? How many lessons does it take to master the piano? 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set answer. 

There are two parts to this question?

  • What do you mean by mastering the piano?
  • How do you define a lesson?

What do you mean by mastering the piano?

When people decide to take up the piano, they have different goals in mind. Some have a song they really want to play. Others want to join a band and make it their career. 

What’s your goal? How do you see yourself in the future? How far do you want to take playing the piano? 

The more complex your skills, the longer it will take. You can achieve different levels with realistic goals in mind. 

How do you define a lesson?

Along with different goals and desires comes the ability to work towards your goals. How would you define your approach? 

Does a lesson to you mean a 30-minute, once-per-week session with an instructor? Or do you look at lessons as working with workbooks, playing along with apps and videos, and even working in group format online? 

Do you count the practice it takes to achieve your weekly goals? Do you have the time to dedicate yourself to many different playing levels throughout the week? 

The difference can change both your expectations and your outcomes. 

How much playing is needed to master the piano? 

The number of hours of instruction varies depending on who you are. We all have our own approaches, our own desires, and our own sense of accomplishment. The important thing is sticking to your plan and getting to a level that makes you happy. 

This is all about enjoyment. Playing the piano is about improving each day, and loving what you do.