10 Steps To Finding The Best Piano Dealer In Memphis

10 Steps To Finding The Best Piano Dealer In Memphis

Step #1 What are your needs?

Before you ever start looking at pianos, its important to assess your needs first. What is your primary reason for wanting a piano? Is it for a child beginning lessons for the first time? Or is to take up an old hobby and combine your love for piano and the computer? There is a difference between acoustic and digital pianos – knowing what your primary desires are will start leading you in the right direction.10 Steps To Finding The Best Piano Dealer In Memphis

Step #2 Where will the piano go?

Do you want to make a statement with a large grand piano in your formal living space? Or are you short on space and would love to have a more portable piano you can move when you need to? Pianos come in all shapes and sizes, so its important to get one that fits into your lifestyle.

Step #3 What is your budget?

Pianos come in all shapes and sizes. They also come in all price ranges. New. Used. Top of the line. Antique. With so many choices, its important to establish how much you are willing to spend before focusing in on which piano is the perfect match for you.

Step #4 New or used?

In many cases a used can offer you just as much as a new. When you purchase used from a reputable dealer, they know the history or the piano, they’ve refurbished or repaired it, and can offer you guarantees on future performance. Or if you decide on a new piano, you may get top technology that offer you lots of opportunity in the future.

Step #5 Where to look?

Mention you are in the market for a piano and you’ll probably find lots of choices appearing all around you. But is a friend of a friend who has an old piano in the garage really the best place to shop for something like a piano? Pianos will only be as good as the upkeep and maintenance they’ve had in the past. And when you aren’t sure, you may be trying to make beautiful music with something that just isn’t up for the job anymore. Reputation is everything when it comes to buying a piano.

Step #6 What questions should you ask?

The longer a piano dealer has been in business, the more history he or she has with the industry, the more knowledge they can provide you. Where can I get sheet music? Who should I rely on for piano lessons? Whatever questions you have, they should always have an answer close at hand.

Step #7 Stay open minded

While its important to go into it with some idea of what you want and need, keep an open mind as well. Once a piano consultant hears what your needs are, he may point you in a slightly different direction; one that will be even better to suit your needs.

Step #8 What about delivery?

Will you be required to move the piano from its current location to your home by yourself? Or do they provide piano delivery service? Moving a piano is different than moving any other type of furniture, so make sure you have the support you need to get the job done the right way.

Step #9 What’s the history?

If a piano is used, what is its history? How old is it? Where has it been kept of stored? How well has it been maintained? If someone can’t tell you its history, chances are it wasn’t that good.

Step #10 What should you do in the future?

When should you consider upgrading? How often should your piano be tuned? A reputable piano dealer will be able to advise you on how to take care of your new piano purchase now and years into the future.

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