Samick Digital SSP-12

Sound Source: PCM Multi Samples Technology
Keyboard: Graded Hammer Action
Display: Back Lit Display
Polyphony: 64 notes
RIGHT 1 SECTION: 20 panel Voices (10 Pipe Sounds + 10 Orchestral Sounds), 2 Player Choice Sounds, 128 GM sounds + 352 XM sounds, Chorus, Octave, Volume
LEFT SECTION: 128 GM sounds + 352 XM sounds
BASS SECTION: 8 bass sounds
Controls: Split, Master Volume, Right 1/Right 2 Volume balance, Brilliance,
Player Choice 1 and 2
Pedals Sustain Pedal (Optional 3 Pedals: Sustain – Sostenuto – Soft)
USB Disk Recorder: 16 Tracks, Play/Stop, Record, Disk Controls
Overall Presets: 24 User Programs
Effects: Reverb: 3 Types, Chorus
Tuning: Transpose, Pitch
Dynamic: On/Off, 3 selectable curves
Midi: 16 Midi Channels
Sockets: USB Disk, USB to Computer, Left/Right
Output, L/R Input, Midi In/Thru/Out
Headphone: 2 Headphone Socket
Amplifier: Stereo – Power 10W
Weight: 57 lbs
Size: 52” (W) x 13” (D) x 6” (H) –32” (H)
with stand
Finish: Satin ebony
Accessories: Optional Bench
Warranty: Three years parts; one-year labor