Samick Digital SDP-10

Keyboard: 88 Hammer-Action Keys
Polyphony: 64 Notes
Sounds: 9 Sounds, Single and Layer mode SOUND LIST: Acoustic Piano, E.Piano, Harpsicord, Strings, Vocals,
Guitar, Church Organ, Jazz Organ, Vibes.
Recording Studio: Track 1, Track 2, Play
Effects: Reverb: Room, Hall, Theatre – Chorus
Metronome: 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8, click
Demo: Demo Songs
Tuning: Transpose/Pitch
Pedals: Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain
Dynamic: 4 types : Hard/Normal/Light – No Dynamic
Headphone: Headphone sockets
Midi: MIDI On/Off
Connections: L/R Outputs,
Midi In/Out/Thru
Amplification: 2 x 20 W
Weight: 148 lbs
Size (WxDxH): 54” x 17 1/2” x 35”
Finish: Rosewood
Accessories: Bench included
ONBOARD EFFECTS: There are three different types of built-in Digital Reverb that simulate different playing environments, from small rooms to theatres. You can also add a Chorus effect.

RECORDING STUDIO: An easy-to-use Two-Track Recorder enables the player to make two digital recordings. The two tracks can be stored separately and played back one at the time or simultaneously.