Samick Digital DCP-12


Eight high quality voices

Full list of included voices 1: Grand Piano 2: Bright Piano 3: Electric Piano 4: FM Electric Piano 5: Church Organ 6: Harpsichord 7: Strings 8: Upright Bass

High quality sound

The DCP-12 employs the latest in digital technology to deliver high quality piano sounds. Thanks to multi-layered programmed voices, the end result is a dynamic and rich instrument with beautiful, realistic piano sounds.

  • 88-note hammer-action Keyboard with escapement
  • Build-in room emulation (reverb)
  • Keyboard split, layer and transpose
  • Metronome
  • Recording Studio (two-track)

Advanced Functions

  • Transpose +/- 12 semi tones
  • Octave shift +/- x octaves
  • Tuning (the DCP-12‘s tuning is set to 440hz as default)
  • Metronome volume
  • Metronome time signature select
  • Velocity curve select (3 curves low, normal and high are available)
  • Split
  • Layer
  • Volume of layered or split sound
  • Send MIDI program change
  • Send MIDI bank change
  • Local on/off
  • MIDI channel select
  • Assign MIDI control to data encoder
  • Piano Reset
  • Pedal board (3 pedals)
  • Connection box – Connect to an external speaker system, a MP3 player or a computer system (via USB).