Invisible. Wireless. Powerful. Easy.

QRS PNOMation-II Player Piano System Overview

Easily control your PNO3 Player Piano System with any WIFI Device!Play nearly 6000 albums and organize them into your favorite playlists!Throw a karaoke party with QRS Sing-A-Long Music!Enjoy 13 stations of QRS Piano Radio with no music streaming!



Player Pianos by QRS

Nothing can match the elegance and grace of a live piano performance in your living room. Whether you’re relaxing after work, hosting a Derby party, or just enjoying a romantic evening “in,” we can turn your piano into a source of endless – and effortless – enjoyment without disturbing the natural look, sound, or feel of your piano.

Vertical or grand, old or new, we can transform your piano into a cloud-based player system with incredible, invisible technology that will perfectly link with your home PC, smart phone, tablet, or wireless internet. All you have to do is select the piano of your dreams, choose the digital features that most appeal to you, and wait while we customize the perfect “player piano” for you.

Why QRS?

    • The Best Music – QRS offers performances by actual headline artists (such as Elton John, Fats Waller, Adele and Jim Brickman) – not music “in the style of” great artists.
    • It’s Invisible – Now you can enjoy endless hours of music and see only your piano’s natural beauty. There is no electronic box up front!
    • It’s Wireless – Easily operate your piano with any WIFI device – even if you don’t have WIFI in your home! Control the piano with any smart phone, tablet, pc and more!
    • It’s Upgradeable – Unlike some factory-installed systems, the QRS PNO3 System is upgradeable without having to replace the entire piano! It never becomes obsolete.
    • No Disks, CDs or Software – All the music is onboard. You don’t have to connect to a computer, install a CD or download anything. It’s ready to play whenever you are.
    • It’s Easy to Operate – No iTunes. No third-party software to learn. No complicated remotes or equipment to master. Anyone can learn to use the system in minutes!
  • It’s More Fun! – Sing karaoke with QRS Sing-a-Long and read the lyrics on your tablet or phone. Listen to countless hours of your favorite music with custom playlists. The sky’s the limit!

System Options:

Player Piano System

The Player Piano System

Now you can listen to your favorite band, artist, movie soundtrack or Broadway show – LIVE on your home piano! Easily create and save as many playlists as you want. Enjoy endless music with QRS Piano Radio (no subscription required!) or sing karaoke with QRS Sing-A-Long. Have fun!


silent piano system

The Recording Player Piano System

All you do is touch “Record” on your favorite smart device and begin playing. Your piano will accurately record every nuance of your performance. No other system is as accurate or as easy! You can easily share your music via QRS Piano Cloud or famous apps like Dropbox.


silent piano system

The Complete Player Piano System

Packed with features (including both of the above modules), The Complete Piano System is the most powerful – yet easiest to operate – player piano system in the World! Add headphones to your piano and play any time you want or play with digital instrument sounds. Do it ALL!


Upgrade Your Piano

We can transform almost any piano into a modern player piano system. In fact, we are the only piano house in the region with serval FULL-TIME player piano installers on staff. We install and maintain more player systems than anyone else in Kentuckiana!

Don’t have a QRS Player Piano System? That’s ok! We can upgrade Yamaha Disklavier systems, PianoDisc Systems and other older player systems to PNO3. Check with us before you spend your hard-earned money on a new player system. We have everything you need at the best price around!