Piano Computer Installations

Turn Your Piano into a Digital Player Piano

All pianos from Grand Pianos, Concert Grand, Uprights and even Organs can become a modern Digital Player Piano.  We are proud to offer the finest digital player piano-retrofit systems available. The digital player piano systems we represent all offer excellent performance, engineering, reliability, and value.

***Remember, when we install a new player it Does Not Affect the Piano, the piano can be played. When a digital player piano system is properly installed you should not be able to notice that there is a digital player piano system is installed.


We feature and install Piano Disc, QRS PianoMation,Discclavier, digital player systems in most pianos.  While they are each superbly engineered and will provide years of dependable service, these systems offer different features for different tastes and applications.  If you think that a CD=based player system is the latest in technology, we have a lot of new things for you to see. Please contact us to assist you in making the right choice for your home or