When Should You Buy a Piano For A Beginner?

When Should You Buy a Piano For A Beginner?

If your child wants to start playing the piano, you’ll have to buy a piano to get them started. 

Just like starting up football means you’ll have to invest in pads, or heading into the arts means you’ll have to invest in paints, having the right tools is all part of the process. 

But for a budding musician, pianos are more expensive than a palette of paints. How do you know you’re making the right choices for what to buy? And is there a right time to invest in a piano for a beginning piano player? 

Let’s start with one of the biggest fallacies about starting up the piano. 

Parents are often nervous about making a significant investment in a piano until they know if their child likes it and will stick with it. So they look for the cheapest option instead, choosing the “wait and see” approach before they lay down real money. 

They get one for free from a neighbor. Or pick up an inexpensive keyboard from their local big box store.  

There’s a problem with that. 

Would you let your child wear soccer shoes, two sizes too big as they try out a new sport? Of course not. That would be dangerous at best. It’s common sense to know that you need the proper gear to excel at the game. 

The same applies to learning to play the piano. If you buy a piano that isn’t high quality, your child won’t be able to feel the music. They can grow frustrated, and quit because they can’t play the way they should. 

A high quality instrument isn’t out of tune. It sounds great no matter what level they play. 

It has perfectly weighted keys, meaning there’s a certain touch to the keyboard, and your child learns to “feel” their way to success. 

It also shows you value their choices in extra activities. You’re making an investment in their future, and choose to give them every advantage as they explore what music will mean in their lives. 

If you want to buy a piano and give your child every advantage of sticking with it and becoming a great piano player, ensure you purchase the right piece of equipment right from the beginning. 

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